We are Your New Favourite Band!

Playing a diverse range of musical covers, from the likes of Foo Fighters and Arctic Monkeys through to Black Eyed Peas and Take That, YNFB is guaranteed to create the buzz that will help make your event a huge success. If you’re not dancing by the end of the gig, someone has probably stolen your legs!

Your New Favourite Band is a group with a broad sound. Armed with multiple vocalists, twin guitars, a tight rhythm section plus an imaginative and wide ranging set, we strive to thrill the audience with tunes that they love. We also make a point of sidestepping some of the tired classics which have been played to death, often by opting for another great track by the same band instead!

Your New Favourite Band perform live at public venues around Plymouth, Devon and Cornwall and are available to entertain at weddings, parties and functions. Get in touch now to find out when we can play for you!

You can find out more about the band by browsing the pages of this website or by visiting our Facebook page (see the link on the right).

And just in case you’re wondering – Your New Favourite Band’s name was inspired by the title of The Hives’ third album. It’s so cheeky that we couldn’t resist!


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